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Australia's World Painting Aesthetic

Advanced painters weave Western and Eastern aesthetics to evolve Modern Art.

Australian masters explore classic Vietnam, Korea, modern China and Japan's calligraphy - to create Australian art's contemporary world advances.

Above: Vincent Van Gogh * explores Hiroshiga's Japanese calligraphy in his 1887 Dutch master work.

In the same year, 1887, Australian impressionist master Arthur Streeton combines East and West aesthetics in NEW AUSTRALIAN PAINTING .

Left: This is an Aaqus original that follows Streeton's 1887 master work.

Streeton paints a scroll-within-a-scroll format. He combines the classic European nude tradition with classic Eastern landscape and plum blossom styles.

The 1887 'Eastern scroll's landscape is Australian.

A century later, Brett Whiteley also explores a dream-like, ambiguous interior / exterior 'landscape' plus synthesises east/west traditions in 1970s Australia.

Above: In the 1930s, Scottish Australian master Ian Fairweather studied in China. He continued to weave calligraphy into his ground-breaking Australian style. This is an Aaqus original that follows Fairweather's painting 'Chinatown' 1962. The original was recently at Sotheby's for c. $220,000 to $280,000.

1960s Australian fine art at home. Australian Peter Upward's zen calligraphy 'October Still'.
Featherstone furniture and Australian studio potters. On show at NGV Melbourne 2018.

Arguably Australia's greatest 20th century painter was Brett Whiteley. His paintings sell in the millions bracket.
Above : In the style of Brett Whiteley's 1976 Lavender Bay paintings, 'LOVE ALICE' is a 2018 Aaqus original.

Above: Whiteley paints the existential character, 'Lightness of Being' in two murals, 'American Dream' and 'Alchemy'.

Left: black characters, 'Refreshing Ocean Leaves' in the Aaqus painting BRISK.

Above : The Long Red Seal in many Aaqus landscapes has four characters: 'Southern Tasmania Wilderness Sea'. They also mean: 'Direction Temple Nature Mind'.

Left : Four painting pictographs: 'Old, Eucalyptus, Branches, Hillside', are from the painting 'Ancient Tree Hillside'. The first character, 'old' literally means 'wise people' and not old 'things' such as trees. With this 'sage' pictograph, the landscape takes on an existential historical meaning about the human condition.

Above: There are many introductions to contemporary art calligraphy. One is in the Australian arts textbook VISIONS by Dr. Rob Watson. Collage by Eric Quah.

*Rijksmuseum Vincent Van Gogh. Brush pictograph education.

paintings artist investors, world collection what is modern art?